The Creators of "A Singularity"


Jackson Ridd

Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Jackson Ridd is a visual artist, magician, actor and filmmaker. He has appeared at the Magic Castle of Hollywood, and performed his one man show "The Discoverie Of Magic" in Fringe Theatre Festivals from California to Maine. His printwork was displayed recently at the VisualAIDS art fundraiser at the Sikkema Jenkins & Co. Gallery in Chelsea, NYC, and he recently presented a TEDx talk on the subject of mystery. His company Flipper Media has photographed and edited music videos and short films. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jackson currently resides in Manhattan. Visit

Kirk Ryde

Producer, Writer, Actor, Press Contact

Kirk Ryde is an actor and filmmaker based in Los Angeles, CA. He directed the award-winning short film "Rope Trick" and has acted in productions for Curiosity Stream and NBC Television. Visit, and keep up with Kirk on Facebook, Twitter and IMDb.


Ivan Aguilar


Ivan Aguilar is an actor and filmmaker based in El Paso, TX. He played "Abel" in "Southwest: The Series" and "Paco" in the series "Desert Wastelands." He is currently producing, directing and starring in the upcoming series "ShadowMinds." Visit Ivan Kike Aguilar on Facebook.