Kleer Bros Story To Screen Award Finalists

Our Mission

Our award is for new writers who have not yet had a script produced as a feature film. Any genre of story may be entered, but bear in mind that we are seeking character driven stories that can be produced on a very small budget, stories that rely more on emotional interactions than on special effects, grand scale pageantry, or elaborate costumes or set construction. Bring us a story from the heart and for the heart, something that illuminates the struggles and passions of the human spirit, something that can be captured in a contemporary setting with small cast and crew, and something that can result in a film of lasting beauty. We look forward to reading your stories!


Congratulations to our 2018 Finalists!

These fine writers submitted compelling stories with enormous potential. Kirk Ryde is currently mentoring these writers through the completion of their screenplays. Action on Film will present $25,000 toward the production of the the winning story "Real Bad Waitress" upon satisfactory completion of the screenplay by Tim Mooney, as produced by Kleer Bros. Entertainment.

Winners of the 2018 Kleer Bros. Story to Screen Awards

Kirk Ryde and Story to Screen finalists Nick Gillin, Dane Bowling, Ethan Stanislawski, and Tim Mooney at the 2018 Action On Film Festival.